Trey McCarley




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Trey McCarley was born and raised in Central Arkansas where he spent most of his time outdoors enjoying the landscape. His love for nature and new adventures lead most of his travels out West from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon. “It is literally an act of worship to be out there.”

Painting and drawing was something that interested Trey from an early age, however a different approach was taken throughout his college career. At the University of Arkansas, Trey received a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture where his creative abilities could be exercised on a much different and larger scale. As a part of this curriculum, Trey studied abroad for six weeks in Europe where he worked on design charrettes for the Botanical Gardens of Rome and public plazas in London. “This is where my desire to paint again really took off. Although I didn’t have a canvas, I constantly painted in my mind.”

Over the next few years, Trey pursued painting full time selling work in Little Rock, Arkansas with Marshall Clements, now Gallery Central in Hot Springs and participating with Missoula, Montana’s Dana Gallery in the 2012 Big Sky Plein Air Paint-out.

Trey has spent the last year studying under the American Impressionist, Robert Moore, where he continues to live and paint full time in South Central Idaho.


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