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A native Arkansan, Trey McCarley grew up as the eldest of seven children with his feet steadfast in the path of adventure. From endless days on the lake to long backpacking trips hrough the Rockies,passion was formed. Dreams of the mountains and western lifestyles were planted, however, childhood became adulthood too quickly as everyone must agree. Here, Trey received a bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture as his creative abilities were channeled to this specific regimen. Concept and responsibility were exercised on a somewhat corporate level, but after five years of studio design, his talent for oil painting was discovered.

Trey was encouraged by mutual artist friends to study in Idaho as an apprentice under the nationally acclaimed Impressionist, Robert Moore. Three years of mentoring not only developed his painting abilities, but the bigger picture of fine art came into focus. The freedoms of childhood, in mature terms, began redeveloping as his time was lived out in a slower pace of deeper meaning.

In the meantime, Trey's cultivated understanding of the arts, led him through a journey of natural bodybuilding. Over time, consistent focus and training began to bring Trey opportunities of competing on a professional level. Training, often misunderstood, became a solitary method of balance to the mind and body, translating the principles of fine art on a three dimensional scale. Perseverance and determination was bred.

Soon after, Trey's attention was involuntarily placed on a young lady of Southern, Idaho. Haley, la local musician and song writer, became his soul mate many months before the were married. Trey will quickly give credit to much of his inspiration to a piece of her he has yet to understand. He soon found himself living our his old dreams of a mountain life after remodeling a 100 year-old cabin during their engagement. Here,they now live and work together as Trey paints full time either plein-air or in his natural lit studio. Continuing to train his mind, body and spirit to the will of God, he states that a painting will only ever suggest the greater meaning of art to which he believes is a constant journey of understanding. Trey's work can be found in galleries from Montana to Arkansas and Puerto Rico as he captures the mood of landscapes, harbors, city-scapes and the everyday impulsive life of a traveling artist.


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